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  1. White Chocolate Red Velvet Mice

    White Chocolate Red Velvet Mice

    Step by Step Instructions

    White Chocolate Red Velvet Mice are a delicious combination of both trick and treat for Halloween. They are sure to surprise your friends and family. Imagine the looks on their faces after biting through to reveal the bright red velvet cake filling!   Halloween is one of our favorite Holidays here at the Confectionery House, so when one of our employees brought White Chocolate Red Velvet Mice into work one day, we jumped at the chance to share this spooky treat idea with our customers! Our White Chocolate Red Velvet Mice are extremely easy to make just follow the easy step by step instructions below... Materials needed- Mouse or Rat Candy Mold Merckens white candy coatings Parchment paper Red velvet cake mix (or your favorite red velvet recipe) Red food marker (optional) Friends to spook! Instructions- Step 1- Start by baking up your favorite red velvet box mix or recipe. You can bake your cake in whatever size cake pan that's suggested for the recipe. It doesn't matter the shape, as you will be crumbling the cake once it has cooled. Make sure the box mix or recipe you use is moist, as it will help it to form into the mold. Step 2- After your cake is baked, let it cool to room temperature. Once cooled, crumble it all up into a bowl.  Step 3- Melt 1 lb of  Merckens white chocolate candy coatings 20 seconds at a time in a microwave safe bowl. If you need melting instructions  <click here> Step 4- Using the mouse or rats mold  pour or spoon white chocolate into the mold to fill each cavity of the mold. Let it sit 2 minutes on your counter. Step 5- Over a sheet of parchment turn your mold upside down and dump out the melted chocolate. This will leave behind a nice coating (shell) of chocolate. Let your mold set in the refrigerator until the coating of chocolate left behind in the mold is hardened. You can remelt the chocolate that you dumped onto the parchment, just place it into the refrigerator to harden and then break it into pieces to remelt. Step 6- Gently push your crumbled red velvet cake into your mold with the chocolate coating still intact, leaving a small amount of room at the top as you will cap it off with a thin layer of white chocolate.  Step 7- Spoon a small amount of white chocolate over the top and spread it around to seal in all of the edges. Place the mold into the refrigerator for approximately 5-10 minutes to ensure that everything is good and hardened. Carefully remove them from the mold, add eyes using a red food marker and voila! You'll get approximately 16-20 filled mice from one 16 ounce cake mix.  1lb of Merckens candy coatings should be just enough for making 20 red velvet filled mice, however you may have some white chocolate left over.  

  2. How to melt Confectionery Coatings

    If you are unsure how to melt confectionery coatings in the microwave, I have to tell you, it's so easy! I couldn't imagine melting coatings any other way. I'm always shocked when customers say they haven't tried it or haven't had luck doing so. If you usually use a double boiler, you may want to give this a try. Don't get me wrong, a double boiler isn't a wrong way, but getting water (or steam) that close to candy coatings personally makes me nervous. So, I wanted to share my easy microwave method and I challenge you to give it a try! Place a ½ LB - 1LB of Merckens Confectionery Coatings in a microwave safe container. Use a container close in size to the amount of coatings you are melting.  Microwave on high for 30 seconds, then remove from microwave and stir well. You won't see much melting going on, but it's still important to stir well. *Take note different containers will melt confectionery coatings at different speeds. Glass will get warmer faster, so be sure to stir well to distribute heat. Plastic bowls don’t get as warm as glass and will take slightly longer to melt. Repeat the above step 1 or 2 more times. Don't forget to stir in between microwaving!   The coatings should pretty much be melted at this point, except for a few lumps.     Microwave again, but for 10 seconds this time. Your coatings should now be completely melted. However, if you notice  you still have a lump or two, continue to stir gently until the lumps have melted away completely. If needed, you can place back in the microwave for another 10 second interval. Just be careful not to over heat.   Common Questions and Troubleshooting Confectionery Coatings   I melted my candy coatings according to the directions but they are too thick to work with. What do I do? I see this happen with colored and white coatings most. Assuming they haven't been over-heated (burnt), this is a common and easy problem to fix. Every once in awhile I'll melt a fresh bag of colored coatings and it just wont melt down to be a nice fluid consistency. Immediately I know to reach for the bag of paramount crystals tucked away in the refrigerator just for this occassion. A good size pinch is usually all I need and magically my candy melts are exactly how I want them. If it's still not thinning out, you may have burnt your candy coatings. Unfortunately, once burnt they can't be saved. You'll have to start over with a new batch. Try dropping the temperature of your microwave or melting your coatings for shorter intervals. My candy coatings were left in a warm place and melted into one big chunk, can I still use it? Absolutely! Just break it up if you can and melt it down.  Can I use gel or paste food color to color my candy coatings? No, waterbased colors can not be used in candy coatings. However, you can use oil based candy colors.  I accidentally got a few drops of water in my candy coatings, are they ruined? They may or may not be. Try adding some paramount crystals, if they still wont melt and thin out you may have seized your chocolate. This would mean you would have to toss the batch and start over. How can I keep my chocolate melted so I don't have to constantly re-microwave it? I always recommend resting your chocolate filled bowls or containers on a heating pad with a paper towel wrapped around it.  This is also a good idea for melting smaller amount of coatings (like for painting with). Just place a few wafers in a small container or a candy color pallet and place them on the heating pad.  Remember, if melting a smaller amount of chocolate to use a container that is close in size to the amount you are melting. I also love our candy melter pallets! They are a fantastic investment if you paint with chocolate, and I can't live with out mine! How long are my Confectionery Coatings good for? This is hard saying. Most craft store brands have a long shelf life. Our Merckens Confectionery Candy Coatings are good for 2-3 months from the time they are purchased from us. This is because they contain quality ingredients. What is the difference between a confectionery coating, candy melt, and real chocolate? This is something that confuses people often. confectionery coatings, candy melts, and candy coatings are all the same. These are just different names for the same product.  A coating is different from real chocolate. Real chocolate contains cocoa butter which must be heated using a method called tempering. This process breaks down the fats and crystals. It involves heating the chocolate to a specific temperature and checking it with a tempering thermometer. This process must be done in order for the chocolate to be molded and still have a shiney glossy finish. Candy coatings contain cocoa but the cocoa butter is replaced with palm kern oil. Making it easy to melt, affordable to use, and great for DIY candy making. What are paramount crystals?  They are flakes of palm kern oil that are added to candy coatings to thin them out when needed. Many people use them to thin out their coatings before dipping cake pops.   I hope you find this helpful! If you have any other questions you would like to have answered, feel free to ask in the comments below! Happy Candy Making! Confectionery House            

  3. Bite-size cupcakes

    Itty-bitty teeny tiny bite-size cupcakes that pack the same flavor as they’re larger counter part. About the size of a quarter and completely edible with chocolate cupcake liners; it’s impossible to eat just one! Perfect for party favors, gifts, or better yet, personal consumption.   You’ll need the following supplies: Micro Mini Muffin Pan Set Medium Peanut Butter Cup Candy Mold Merckens Confectionery Candy Coatings Supplies can be found at  You’ll also need: Favorite cake batter prepared Favorite buttercream frosting prepared Pan coating spray     Bake your micro minis: Using the micro mini muffin pan set   Preheat oven to 320 degrees F. Prepare your favorite cake batter per instructions. Arrange micro mini muffin pans on cookie sheet and spray with cooking spray. Fill each pan cavity with 1 heaping teaspoon of batter. Bake for approximately 8-10 minutes. Let cool in pans.    Now add a chocolate cupcake liner! Melt Confectionery Candy Coatings in a disposable pastry bag or bowl (20 second intervals in the microwave, moving the chocolate around to distribute hot spots in between intervals) Fill mold cavity halfway full with chocolate. Push a bite-size cupcake down into it so the melted chocolate rises up and around the cupcake. Place in the refrigerator for approximately 5-10 minutes. You'll know their ready when you can easily pull them out of the mold  Time to decorate! We used a number 18 tip to decorate the cupcakes shown. However, you can experiment with the tip of your choice. You'll decorate them just like a normal cupcake...except in a much smaller way. Candy boxes and trays make the perfect packaging for these bite-sized minis  You can find the packaging we used in the picture below by clicking the links  Boxes Trays   Find all the supplies for this project and more at  

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