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How To Make a Chocolate Bunny

Learn how to make a chocolate bunny this Easter, it’s EASY! You'll not only love the taste of a homemade bunny, but you'll save money too!


Learn how to make a chocolate bunny this Easter, it’s EASY! Sure, you can buy a premade chocolate bunny in the grocery store, but nothing beats the taste of a homemade bunny!

What You’ll Need:

*This mold makes approximately three hollow chocolate bunnies per pound of candy coatings.

Supplies for making a chocolate bunny for Easter

Step 1:

Cut the mold down the middle to separate the two halves. Trim the mold so there’s about an inch of plastic all the way around.

Easter bunny chocolate mold cut in half to make a hollow 3D chocolate bunny.

Step 2:

Melt a cup of Merckens candy coatings in a microwave safe container, 20 seconds at a time. Remove chocolate from the microwave and stir between each 20 second interval. See how to melt candy coatings here.

Step 3:

Steady your chocolate mold over a container of your choice (plastic food containers work well for this). Pour melted chocolate into one half of the mold, filling it to the top.

One half of the bunny candy mold filled with chocolate.

Step 4:

Place the second half of the mold on top of the first. Be sure the cavities of the mold line up. Use the little round notches as a guide. Secure the two halves together with binder clips.

3D Easter bunny chocolate mold clipped together with binder clips.

Step 5:

Rotate the mold to completely coat the inside with chocolate. Gently tap details such as the nose, ears, and feet as you work. This ensures air bubbles release and chocolate gets into every corner.

Rotating the 3D Bunny mold to coat the chocolate around the inside of the mold.

Step 6:

Place your chocolate easter bunny face side up in your container. Place in the refrigerator, and set a timer for 1 minute.

Step 7:

After 1 minute, flip the bunny to the other side, and set your timer for another minute. Continue flipping the bunny back and forth every minute for a total of 10 times (10 minutes).

After 10 times, rotate one last time, and let your bunny set in the refrigerator for an additional 15 minutes (no rotating).

Step 8:

Take your bunny out of the refrigerator, unclip the mold, and pull off one half of the mold. Carefully pull off the other half, separating the bunny from the mold entirely.

Removing the chocolate hollow bunny from the mold.

Chocolate bunny unmoldedNote: Try not to touch the chocolate bunny too much, or you’ll leave fingerprints.

Decorating this bunny is optional, but makes it look extra special!

Homemade chocolate bunnies decorated with icing eyes and colored candy coatings.

Decorate it!- Our rainbow mixed pack of colored merckens candy coatings are great for when you only need a few chips of color to decorate with.

Use a small bowl to melt just a few chips of color, microwave for 10 second intervals, stirring and mashing the candy coatings in between intervals.

Once melted, you can place your container on a heating pad to keep the colored coatings melted. Use a candy brush to paint the details of your finished chocolate easter bunny.

You can use a toothpick to apply a few dabs of pink chocolate to his nose.

Bring it to life- Add icing eyes, glue them on with melted chocolate.

Make a cookies and cream bunny - Add 1/4 cup of fine chocolate cookie crumbs to 1lb of melted candy coatings.

That’s it! You can make your chocolate Easter bunnies at a fraction of the cost and they’ll taste better too!