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Have you wanted to make flower pot cupcakes or desserts but don’t want to use terracotta pots?

Learn how to make edible flower pots instead!

They’re made of chocolate, so they are completely safe for serving your homemade desserts!

Fill them with with your favorite treat, like pudding, ganache, or even cupcakes (just make sure your cupcakes are completely cool before stuffing them in!).

Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies for making edible flower pots out of chocolate

We filled our flower pots with cupcakes, but you can fill your flower pot dessert cups with just about anything you’d like.

To make this project easier, prepare your dessert before starting to make the pots.

Step One: Cutting the plastic flower pot chocolate mold to make a hollow 3D pot. 

Cut the flower pot mold. Start by trimming the edge from around the mold.

Cut down the middle separating the two flower pot halves. Next, make two cuts, one on each side of where the opening of the flower pot will be, use a box cutter to trim away the plastic. Do this to both halves.

Step Two:

Clamp the two halves of the mold together using binder clips and steady it upright in a plastic food container or glass dish.

Step Three: 

How to make terracotta colored candy coatings. 
Melt one pound of Orange Merckens Candy Coatings, and 16 Merckens Milk Chocolate Coating Wafers in a microwave-safe container. Microwave 20 seconds at a time, stirring in between intervals. See how to melt Merckens Candy Coatings here.

Step Four:

Pouring the chocolate into the flower pot candy mold

Pour the melted candy coatings into the open end of the mold, and fill to the top. Place in the refrigerator for six minutes.

Step Five: 

Pouring out the excess chocolate from the flower pot mold, leaving a hollow chocolate shell in the mold.

Over the bowl of melted candy coatings, turn the flower pot candy mold upside down and pour  out the excess melted chocolate into the bowl, leaving a coating of chocolate inside the mold.

Place upright, steadied in the container you were using previously. Refrigerate for 10 minutes or until completely hardened.

Step Six:

Unmolding the finished chocolate flower pot from the chocolate mold.

Take the mold out of the refrigerator and carefully unclip, removing the chocolate flower pot.

You might need to trim the finished chocolate flower pots with a craft knife to get a perfect finish.

Step Seven:

Chocolate flower pots with chocolate flower lollipops and cupcakes inside.

Fill and Decorate!

We filled our edible flower pots with standard size chocolate cupcakes, we had to stuff them in, but they fit nicely! We frosted with chocolate buttercream, rolled in cookie crumbs and used flower lollipop molds to make pretty spring chocolate flowers, we finished them off with premade royal icing leaves!