Thin Mint Cookie Recipe

Thin Mint Cookies Recipe

Nov 08, 2023Ashley Brenenstuhl

Love Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie? Now you can make them at home and satisfy your girl scout cookie cravings year-round!

This is the easiest no-bake recipe and it only requires three ingredients to make, peppermint oil, Merckens Dark Chocolate Melts Candy Coating Wafers, and Ritz Crackers. Yup, you heard that right, this recipe uses crackers!

Our copy cat Thin Mint Cookie Recipe is an inexpensive treat to make, so you can make a large batch and give them out as gifts during the holidays!

Let's talk about the ingredients and candy making supplies you'll need for this project.

Merckens chocolate melts

It might be tempting to grab a bag of chocolate chips from the grocery store but that type of chocolate needs to be tempered (a special melting process) or it won't set up properly.

You'll want to use Merckens chocolate melts for this project, they're designed to be melted in the microwave without any special melting process and used for dipping or pouring into chocolate molds.

Staying true to thin mint cookie tradition we used Merckens Dark Chocolate Melts for this project, but you can experiment with any flavor you'd like.

We like to finish off these thin mint cookies with a drizzle of Merckens dark green chocolate melts, but you can drizzle with any colors you like.

LorAnn Peppermint Flavor Oil

The delicious minty goodness in this recipe is added using LorAnn peppermint flavoring oil. It's an oil based flavoring so it won't thicken the consistency of the chocolate.

Ritz Crackers

The magic of this recipe, the ingredient that gets everyone talking...Ritz crackers! They offer the perfect texture and saltiness needed to mimic the famous thin mint cookie wafer. Friends and family are always amazed when they find out that the base of this cookie recipe is a Ritz cracker.