how to make chocolate covered pretzel rods (the easy way!)

how to make chocolate covered pretzel rods (the easy way!)

Jul 13, 2022Ashley Brenenstuhl
Learn how to make chocolate covered pretzel rods the easy way, using our pretzel rod molds!

Pretzel rod molds basically turn pretzel rods into chocolate lollipops, except the lollipop stick is (you guessed it) a pretzel rod!
It’s easy to use and makes chocolate covered pretzels mess free!

You’ll love how our plain pretzel rod mold leaves a smooth and shiny chocolate finish on pretzel rods and with the addition of drizzled chocolate and sprinkles, it will take your chocolate covered pretzel rods up a level like you won't believe!

Let's talk about the candy supplies you'll need

Plain pretzel rod mold
Our plain pretzel rod candy mold is basic and perfect for all occasions, it's easily dressed up by adding sprinkles and drizzled chocolate. We also have pretzel rod molds for all occasions that mold adorable shapes onto the pretzel rods.

Merckens chocolate melts
We recommend using our Merckens chocolate melts (aka Merckens candy coatings) for this project. Chocolate chips from the grocery store need to be melted using a tempering process in order to release from the candy mold. Merckens candy coatings can be easily melted in the microwave using our melting instructions.

You don't need to have sprinkles for this project, but we think you'll want them! These basic chocolate covered pretzel rods come to life when you add an extra drizzle of chocolate followed by some adorable sprinkles.

Pretzel rod bags
If you're giving your chocolate covered pretzel rods as gifts or party favors, you're probably wondering what's the best way to package them. We have lots of different candy packaging options, including pretzel rod cello bags that are the perfect size and twist ties to seal them up.

12 inch disposable pastry bags
If you're looking for an easy way to get your melted chocolate into the chocolate mold, our 12 inch disposable decorating bags are a piping bag that's perfect for this! You can melt the chocolate right in the bag using our microwave Merckens melting instructions, snip the bag, and squeeze the chocolate into the mold.