How to Wrap Chocolates in Foil

How to Wrap Chocolate in Foil Using Candy Foil Wrappers

Feb 07, 2020Ashley Brenenstuhl

You made some delicious and beautiful candy and now it’s time to showcase your creation! There's all different ways of wrapping chocolate and the Confectionery House has everything you need to make your candy look as delicious as it tastes!

With our Chocolate Foil Wrappers, you're sure to get the look and fit that best displays your candy or chocolate bars, and all our foils are food safe and easy to use.

We stock a variety of candy foil wrappers colors and sizes, 3x3, 4x4, 6x6 , 6x7, and 8x8 to help you get that perfect look. We also carry wax paper lined foil wrappers (available in 6x7 silver and gold) for chocolate bars, they're thick and sturdy, and perfect if you're planning to put a label or paper wrapper around your candy creation. We not only have chocolate foil wrapping supplies, but we've got the know how to show you how to wrap chocolate bars and candy!

Ready to wrap your candy and chocolate bars? Grab your Homemade Candy and foils and let’s begin.

Steps to wrap chocolate in foil

  1. Place your chocolate design down on the foil
  2. Pull each side up folding over the edges as you go
  3. Be sure to pull tight and smooth the edges as you fold
  4. Make sure all the chocolate is covered by the foil wrapping
  5. Lastly smooth out the foil so that you see your beautiful chocolate design.

Watch the video below and see how to wrap your homemade chocolates in candy foil wrappers.

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