Cupcake Corer

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Removes cupcake center so you can fill with your favorite filling, icing and ice cream.  

How to use:

1.) Align Cupcake Plunger over center of baked cupcake and insert plunger the desired depth.  Plunger has 2 lines the lower line is the recommended stopping point for standard cupcakes; the higher line is for jumbo cupcakes.

2.) While holding the base of the cupcake in one hand and the ruffled lip of the plunger in the other, simply twist in opposite directions as you separate the two.  Press down on the spring to release the cupcake portion.

To fill your cupcake:

Place plunger into ice cream, or other solin fillings and push down to the appropriate depth.

Remove plunger by gripping around the ruffled lip.  Position the plunger over the cupcake cavity and press down on the spring to insert the filling inside the cupcake.

Made from food safe plastic

*Within the Continental U.S.