Fuchsia Cupcake Liners

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Our Fuchsia Cupcake Liners make your cupcakes stand out from the rest!

There are many reasons to love our grease proof cupcake liners, they're simple, beautiful, and perfect for any occasion.


  • Standard size cupcake liners - 1 1/4" wall X 2" base.
  • 30 cupcake liners in a package
  • Colors stay true and vivid-- even after baking.

Dark batters, like chocolate or red velvet, don't show through the liners. No need to double up!

Premium greaseproof paper creates a barrier against moisture and grease.
Bake up to 425 degrees F (220 Degrees C)
FDA approved food safe dyes that never bleed.
FSC certified (responsibly sourced materials).

Our cupcake liners have been voted THE BEST time and time again by bloggers and cake decorators alike. Try them today, you won't be disappointed! Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and more!

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