Geode Sprinkle Mix

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Geode Sprinkle Mix

Hues of purple and shimmery flecks of gold, our geode sprinkle mix is one of a kind. Once you lay eyes on them, you'll want to add geode sprinkles to everything-  cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, they're all so much prettier when you add trendy geode sprinkles!

This crystal sugar sprinkle mix can be added to any of your homemade treats but please keep in mind that they shouldn't be exposed to humidity or moisture, as the color may bleed. Also, be sure to keep them out of direct light until you're ready to use them - purple edible dyes fade easily under the light.

The color variations throughout our geode sprinkle mix make it truly unique and each package will have its own variation of purple hues.

  • Contains 3 ounces (85g)

  • Covers one to two dozen cupcakes (with modest sprinkling).

  • Sealed in a food-safe plastic pouch and heat sealed for freshness.

  • Made in the USA

*Within the Continental U.S.