Melted Snowman Sprinkle Mix

SKU: EDQM115015 ISBN: EDQM115015

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Melted snowman treats can be made in an instant with our Melted Snowman Sprinkle Mix! Just sprinkle onto frosted cookies, cupcakes, and even chocolate bark, and instantly your baked goods are transformed into a cute melted snowman mess! No matter how you look at this sprinkle mix, you'll have a hard time not seeing a cute snowman face being formed by the sprinkles.

  • Contains 3 ounces of sprinkles.
  • One package covers 1-2 dozen cupcakes with modest sprinkling.
  • Sealed in a food-safe plastic pouch and heat sealed for freshness.
  • Exclusive Confectionery House Sprinkle Mix.

Pour sprinkle mix into a bowl and stir - shipping can cause sprinkles to settle, and you may not see all of the shapes through the bag.

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