Tylose Powder

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Tylose powder (also known as Tylopur powder or CMC)is a fine white powder used to make sugar pastes such as fondant and gum paste. 

  • Contains 2 ounces (55 grams) of tylose powder.
  • Packaged in a plastic jar with a screw-top lid.
  • Certified Kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission.¬¨‚Ć

If you’re a cake decorator who likes working with fondant or gum paste, tylose powder is going to be your best friend! From making edible glue to hardening fondant, tylose powder is a staple to have in your cake decorating cabinet!

Uses for Tylose Powder:

  • Combine with powdered sugar to make Gumpaste.
  • Add to fondant to make it more pliable and dry faster.
  • Can be used to make edible paints for cakes and cookies.
  • Add to water to make an edible glue.

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