Easy Easter Cookie Ideas

6 Easy Easter Cookie Ideas

Sep 25, 2019Ashley Brenenstuhl

Want to decorate cookies for Easter but don’t have much time? These six cookies are quick and easy!

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas

Our Quick and Easy Easter Cookie ideas make you look like a pro and take just minutes!


Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Sparkle Bunny Cookies

Sparkle Bunny Cookies

For a no-fuss decorated cookie that sparkles, sprinkle sanding sugar on cutout cookies before you bake.

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Bunny Cookies with Colored Sugar Supplies shown: Sanding Sugar and Bunny Rabbit Cookie Cutter

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Chocolate Bunny Cookies

Chocolate Bunny Cookies

Dip bunny-shaped cutout cookies in Milk Chocolate Merckens Melts, paint the nose and ears with pink chocolate and add an icing eye (attached with chocolate). Instant chocolate bunny cookies!



Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Bunny Cookies with Merckens Candy Coatings

Supplies shown: Merckens Milk Chocolate Candy Melts, Merckens Pink Candy Melts, 3/16'' Icing Eyes, and cottontail bunny rabbit cookie cutter.

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Heart Shaped Bunny Face Cookies

Bunny Face Heart Cookies

Pipe and flood white royal icing on a heart-shaped sugar cookie. Allow the icing to harden. Draw a cute bunny face using a black edible pen, and use royal icing to glue a heart-shaped sprinkle on to make the nose. Bunny faces for the win!

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Bunny Face Cookies with Heart Cookie Cutter

Supplies shown: Heart Cookie Cutter, Royal Icing Mix, Black Edible Food Pen, and Pink Heart Sprinkles

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Carrot Cookies

Easy Carrot Cookies

Use orange royal icing to pipe a zigzag line on a carrot-shaped cookie. It mimics the texture of a carrot and you don’t have to be perfect about it.

No piping tips needed, just snip the end of a disposable pastry bag.

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Easy Carrot Cookies

Supplies Shown: Carrot Cookie Cutter, Disposable Pastry Bags, Leaf Green Americolor Food Color, Orange Americolor Food Color, and Royal Icing Mix

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Sprinkle Sheep Cookies

Sprinkle Sheep Cookies

Sprinkle nonpareils onto a cutout sheep cookie before baking. After baking, use a black edible food pen to fill in his face and feet and add icing eyes to bring them to life!

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Sheep Cookies

Supplies shown: Sheep cookie cutter, White Nonpareils, 3/16" Icing Eyes, and Black Edible Food Pen.

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Water Color Egg Cookies

Watercolor Egg Cookies

Use royal icing to pipe and flood egg-shaped sugar cookies, let harden. Mix 1 tablespoon of clear vanilla extract with one to two drops of AmeriColor gel food coloring. Mix well. Use paintbrushes to brush on different colors. A new way to decorate Easter eggs!

Easy Easter Cookie Ideas | Water Color Food Coloring Easter Egg Cookies