Tipless Piping Bags

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Have you heard about tipless piping bags? You've got to try them!

What is a tipless piping bag you ask? They're a thin (but strong) disposable piping bag that hardly has a seam down the side making the point (tip of the bag) more precise.

Because of these features, you can use tipless piping bags without pastry tips and still get clean rounded lines with royal icing. You can cut the tips of these bags to any size opening you'd like. For more detailed work, you can also use these bags with a piping tip.

Tipless bags work great for piping and flooding royal icing cookies but if you're using a stiff consistency frosting you might want to try our thicker disposable piping bags which can be found here.

The best part about these Tipless piping bags? There's no mess to clean up! You can just toss them away when you're done!

  • 10-inch tipless piping bags.
  • Package sizes available - 25 count, 50 count, and 100 count.
  • Disposable.
  • Thin textured food-safe PE plastic tipless bags.

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