3 ingredient truffle recipe

Basic Truffle Recipe

Jan 04, 2024Ashley Brenenstuhl

Use Our easy to follow basic Truffle Recipe to create endless flavor combinations. With fall quickly approaching and the Holidays just around the corner this recipe Is sure to come in handy. Homemade truffles are affordable and easy to make. Perfect to give as gifts over the holidays.

How to Customize this Truffle Recipe.

Add spices.

For fall flavors reminiscent of pumpkin or apple pie, just add spices! Add pumpkin or apple pie spice to white chocolate truffle mixture. You can also add cinnamon and ancho chile powder for a spicy twist!

Infuse with tea.

Make tea-Infused truffles by steeping one to two tea bags in the heated cream for several minutes. When done steeping, squeeze the tea bags out into the warm milk. Reheat the milk to bring it back up to temperature and add to your melted coatings.

Add flavoring oils.

Use LorAnn candy flavoring oil to make custom truffle flavors. Want to make cheesecake truffles? Add cheesecake LorAnn flavoring oil to a white chocolate truffle mixture! Are you a Key Lime Pie fan? You can make key lime truffles too! Just add Key Lime LorAnn Flavoring oil to a white chocolate truffle mixture and roll in graham cracker crumbs! Shop our LorAnn Flavoring Oils HERE

Boozy truffles your thing?

Add up to one tablespoon of your favorite liquor. For a Red Wine Truffle, add up to three Tablespoons of your favorite Dry Wine. We recommend Cabernet but you can get Creative!

Roll truffles in your favorite topping!

Roll Your Truffles in chopped nuts, chocolate cookie crumbs, toffee crunch, peppermint crunch, cocoa powder or just about anything you can think of! You can even dip finished truffles in melted Merckens Chocolate Melts.
Wrap truffles in professional candy packaging.
Box up Truffles using Candy Boxes, Candy trays, and Candy Cups to give them a Store-Bought Look. You Can Find all your Candy Packaging Supplies HERE