Merckens Melting Chocolate - White Chocolate Coatings

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Merckens melting chocolate premium white chocolate coatings. With FREE SHIPPING you'll pay the lowest price! For melting, molding, and dipping.

These candy wafer buttons are made by Merckens in the USA, unlike any other candy melt found in craft stores, Merckens tastes like high-quality white chocolate. It's smooth, creamy, and delicious.

To use Merckens melting chocolate, just simply melt in the microwave and start making candy. It's that easy!

  • Available in one-pound and five-pound bags.
  • Easy to use. Just simply melt in microwave (see how to melt Merckens here).
  • Use for molding, dipping, making peppermint bark, and more!
  • Made in the USA

Please note: Merckens melting chocolate may arrive melted when shipping during warmer months, the chocolate is still usable. Just let the chocolate cool until firm and melt using our microwave instructions or over a double boiler.

Our Merckens Allergy Information:
Merckens candy coatings are manufactured in a nut-free facility. Merckens chocolate does not contain nut ingredients. We repackage our Merckens candy coatings and chocolate in 1 LB and 5 LB bags and we take the absolute best care to ensure cross-contamination does not occur by using separate packaging tools. However, even though we take great care in our packaging efforts, we can't label our one pound and five pound bags of Merckens as nut-free because we are not a dedicated nut-free facility

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