how to decorate cookies with Merckens candy coatings

Decorate Cookies with Candy Coatings

Sep 29, 2019Ashley Brenenstuhl

Sure, decorating cookies with royal icing has a place in our hearts, but if you’re looking for a quick and fun way to decorate your cookies, Merckens candy coatings are the answer!

 How to decorate cookies with Merckens Candy Coatings | Merckens candy coatings in disposable pastry bags

Here's what you'll need


Here's what to do

Step 1:

Fill a disposable pastry bag with candy coatings, twist the end of the bag and fold it under. Put your pastry bag filled with candy coatings in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Take the bag out and move the candy coatings around, place it back in the microwave for another 20 seconds.

Repeat this process, massaging the pastry bag of chocolate to distribute hot spots and placing back in the microwave for 20-second intervals, until your candy coatings are completely melted.

 How to decorate sugar cookies with merckens candy coatings

 Step 2:

Snip the end of your pastry bag, you don’t want the opening too small, or you won’t get a smooth flow, but too big of an opening and you’ll have trouble controlling the flow.

Start at the outer corner of the sugar cookie, and make a border by following the outer edge.

 How to decorate cookies with melted Merckens candy coatings

 Step 3:

Decorate! You can decorate your cookies while the candy coatings are still wet, or if they’ve hardened, attach decorations by brushing on some corn syrup with a candy brush. Corn syrup will harden and act like an edible glue!