Edible Food Decorating Pen Set Chefmaster

SKU: DTA0306010 ISBN: 023114807471

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Edible Food Decorating Markers Set

  • Double Tips
  • 100% Edible Ink
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Ink made with food-grade colors

Food Decorating Pens allow you to express your creativity in new ways. Whether you are decorating cupcakes, cookies, or a cake, an edible marker makes personalizing baked goods as easy as drawing on paper. Our food coloring pens offer a mess-free and straightforward way for you to enhance the look of your desserts. Our edible markers are an excellent way to introduce your kids into the joys of baking

This set contains 10 double tipped pens. The thicker nib is perfect for filling in large areas of color quickly, while the smaller nib on the other end is ideal for writing messages or drawing detailed pictures. Professional pastry chefs and home bakers both love food coloring pens for their vibrant and consistent appearance which resists fading over time so your creations will always look amazing.

To get the best results from your food coloring pens, always let the icing you draw on harden before you begin to decorate, this is particularly important if you are drawing on royal icing.

If you intend to use multiple colors on one item, apply each color and let it completely dry before adding a new one.

Avoid overlapping different colors to avoid colors from blending.

Includes 10 Colors: Purple- Blue- Green- Yellow- Orange- Dark Green- Pink- Red- Brown- Black

Can be used on: Royal Icing, Marzipan, Donuts, Bagels, Gumpaste, Milk, Jello, Crackers, Cookies, Ganache, Pastries, Rolled Fondant, Petit Fours, Bread, Pastillage, Fruits & Vegetables, Rice Paper, Hardboiled Eggs, White Chocolate

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