Caramel Apples Recipe

Caramel Apples Recipe

Oct 01, 2019Ashley Brenenstuhl

Has apple picking left you will too many apples?

Make our Caramel Apples Recipe!

Watch to learn how and then get all the caramel apple ingredients and supplies below!

There’s nothing more delicious than apples dipped in our creamy Merckens Vanilla Caramel and candy coatings! Top them off with sprinkles or candy toppings to make the ultimate caramel apples.

You can make gourmet caramel apples at home for a fraction of what they cost in the store, and they'll taste better too!

Note: organic and freshly picked apples are not coated in wax
Here’s how to remove the wax from apples.
Boil a medium-sized pot of water and dip apples one by one into the boiling water for two to three seconds each. Using a paper towel, rub and remove the wax from each of the apples as you remove them from the water and dry thoroughly.