Mason Jar and Flowers Cookie Platter

Easy Mason Jar and Flower Sugar Cookies

Sep 28, 2019Ashley Brenenstuhl

Mason Jars and Flowers Oh My!

Easy Mason Jar and Flower Sugar Cookies arranged on a platter will make the perfect gift or centerpiece for any occasion.

Mason Jar and Flower Cookies  | Mason Jar Cookie Cutter


To make these cookies you’ll just need some basic cookie decorating supplies, a mason jar cookie cutter, a daisy cookie cutter, and some royal icing.

It takes a minimal amount of cookie decorating skills to make this colorful cookie platter, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit!

Supplies you’ll need:

Cut-out Sugar Cookie Dough (Recipe Here)
Mason Jar Cookie Cutter
Daisy flower cookie cutter
Royal Icing Mix
Americolor Gel Paste Food Coloring
Cookie scribe
Number three round pastry tip
Disposable pastry bags
Platter or tray of choice

Step 1:
Make sugar cookie dough using our cut-out sugar cookie recipe. Cut out cookies with the mason jar cookie cutter and a daisy flower cookie cutter. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove from oven and let cool on a cooling rack.

Step 2:
Mix up royal icing. Make a stiff consistency (spreadable but able to hold a peak) to pipe a border around the edge of the cookies. Then make a thinner consistency to fill in the cookie inside the border. To make it easy, use our royal icing mix!

Use a number three pastry tip for outlining the cookie edges.
To flood the cookies you can use a disposable pastry bag with the end snipped off.

Decorate the cookies and let them harden completely overnight. You can decorate these cookies any way you’d like!


Mason Jar Cookie CutterDaisy Cookie Cutter and Cookies

 To make the daisy cookies, we outlined the edge of the cookie and filled it in with our thinner royal icing. Once the royal icing hardened on the daisy cookies, we added the centers and sprinkled on colored sanding sugars before the centers dried.

When making the mason jar cookies, we outlined and filled them in just as we did the daisy cookies. To make the royal icing the perfect shade of blue, we used AmeriColor gel food coloring in the color Wedgewood. The gray top was made by adding a tiny drop of Americolor gel food coloring in super black to white royal icing. When the royal icing was completely hardened on the cookie, we piped the lines for the screw top lid.

Step 3:
Arrange on a platter or a cake board. To make the cookies stay in place use buttercream to adhere them to the platter. If layering the cookies you can also use a little buttercream to adhere the cookies together. Buttercream won’t harden completely and the cookies can easily be pulled apart.

Wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon for a beautiful cookie platter presentation!


Easy Maon Jar and Flowers Cookie Platter