How to use Oreo sandwich cookie lollipop mold

How to use Oreo sandwich cookie lollipop mold

Jul 26, 2022Ashley Brenenstuhl

Did you know you can turn chocolate covered Oreos into lollipops?

It's so easy with our sandwich cookie lollipop mold!

They're super easy to make and you'll have the perfect chocolate to oreo ratio every single time! Plus they'll look so professional, your friends and family will be so impressed.

Let's talk about the ingredients and candy making supplies you'll need for this project.

Merckens chocolate melts

It might be tempting to grab a bag of chocolate chips from the grocery store but that type of chocolate needs to be tempered (a special melting process) or it won't release from the mold.
You'll want to use Merckens chocolate melts for this project, they're designed to be melted in the microwave without any special melting process and poured into chocolate molds. They're easy to use and taste delicious. It's the perfect chocolate to use in chocolate molds.

Sandwich cookie lollipop mold

Sure, you can just dip Oreos directly into chocolate but the end result is usually an uneven lumpy coating. Our sandwich cookie lollipop mold enrobes Oreos in the perfect chocolate to cookie ratio leaving a smooth and shiny finish.


We used our pineapple under the sea sprinkle mix, it's a bright and fun mix that's perfect for summer birthdays and cook outs. Feel free to use any of our sprinkles and icing pieces to decorate your Oreo lollipops.

Lollipop sticks

It's recommended to use 4 1/2 inch lollipop sticks with this candy mold. If you'd like to use a longer stick, you could use 6 inch lollipop sticks instead.

Disposable piping bags

You'll love how easy and mess free it is to get the chocolate into the mold when you use disposable piping bags. You can melt the chocolate right in our kee seal disposable piping bags.

Sandwich cookies

You don't have to just use Oreos, you can use any sandwich cookie you'd like, as long as it's the same size as an Oreo.