Soft Cream Candy Filling Recipe

How To Make Soft Cream Centers for Chocolates

Sep 26, 2019Ashley Brenenstuhl

Our cream centers recipe is one of the BEST! Sure, we love using ready-made soft cream candy fillings like squeeze-ums, but the versatility of this cream centers recipe makes it a winner!

Nothing's better than biting into a delicious cream center filled chocolate unless of course, it's a flavor you despise, who's had that happen? It's the worst!

That's the great thing about making homemade filled candies, once you know how to make cream centers for chocolates at home, you can make any flavor you like!

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Ingredients to make soft cream candy filling for chocolates


There are three ingredients in our soft cream filling recipe that are essential, they are the secret to getting the creamiest melt in your mouth texture, but they might not be things you have on hand, so be sure to pick them up ahead of time (you can purchase them at the bottom of this page). But first, let's talk a little bit about these magical ingredients!

Meringue powder
Meringue powder gives the cream filling stability and thickens it to the perfect consistency. Soft cream centers should never be runny inside of chocolate; the idea is to have the perfect balance of fluffy, smooth, and creamy, am I right?

Fondant Sugar
You might be wondering, what's the difference between fondant sugar and confectioner's sugar?

It's a common question, and it's essential to understand why fondant sugar is crucial for this recipe. Fondant sugar is an extra-fine sugar just like confectioner's sugar, but the main difference-- It contains invert sugar! Invert sugar is what keeps the sugar from re-crystalizing and it breaks down the sugar molecules turning it into a smooth, creamy texture. You know the soft, creamy feeling when you bite into your favorite filled chocolate? That's the texture we want! Confectioner's sugar won't cut it for this recipe, because it contains cornstarch, it won't break down, leaving a gritty feeling on your palette-- Yuck!

Lastly, you need to have invertase for this recipe. I know, it sounds like something you'd need for a science project, but then again, candy making is kind of like science, right? The invertase in this recipe breaks down the sugar molecules a little more, and it works as an added boost!

What are the best chocolate molds to use for cream centers?
you can use almost any chocolate mold that is a 1/2 inch deep or more. The thinner the cavity the harder it will be to fill.

If you're really new to candy making start with a bonbon chocolate mold, truffle chocolate mold, or any molds that specifically say in the description of the product that they are for filling. Once you start making filled chocolates you'll learn what molds will work best for you, and what won't. It's ok to experiment! The best part about candy making-- you can eat your mistakes!

How to make homemade chocolates look fancy

Beautiful and delicious cream-filled chocolates need to be shown off! Be sure to buy some candy packaging like chocolate foil wrappers, candy boxes, and candy cups. You can show them off in a pretty red box for Valentines Day, or give them a little bling with our candy foil wrappers. We used a mix of both.

cream filled chocolate wrapped in candy foil wrappers | Homemade cream filled chocolates