Confection-Air Cake Decorating Airbrush Set

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Confection-Air Cake Decorating Airbrush Set

The Confection-Air cake decorating airbrush and compressor system by Confectionery House is gravity fed and has 3 speed settings. Press the on/off button once for low (a pink light will illuminate), twice for medium (blue light) , and three times for high (red light). Medium is most often used, but the low setting is great for beginners and the high speed setting is great if you're spraying a large area quickly.

Our airbrush system offers quality performance, at an affordable price. As cake decorators we understand the importance in having a quality airbrush, we are proud to offer the same quality in our airbrush as other competing brands, but at a more affordable price.

The quiet compressor is sleek, powerful, and features a sturdy built in airbrush holder. Rubber feet on the bottom of the compressor hold it in place on your work surface, so it doesn't run away!

Airbrush is constructed from stainless steel and has precision pressure control.

AC/DC adaptor can be used with 110v-240v

Air hose is 41 1/2 inches long

Color cup holds 2ml of airbrush color which is an ample size for cake decorating. Make sure to only use food colors that are specified for airbrush use or state that they are filtered. You can find our liquid food colors that are filtered and airbrush safe here

Rubber hose easily detaches and attaches from both the compressor and the airbrush. Once the hose is connected, it's a tight seal so airflow cannot escape. From our own personal experience of 30 years working with airbrushes, we found that having a hose that detaches is very important. If the airbrush hose becomes punctured or damaged, it is easy to remove and replace. You can find these hoses at any hardware store.

The flow of our airbrush mists evenly and doesn't clog/sputter easily like many other airbrush brands.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How does the confection-air airbrush compare to other airbrush systems on the market?

A. The Confection-air was designed with the cake decorator in mind. With 30 years of cake decorating and airbrush experience we wanted to ensure that the Confection-air meets the highest standards. We are confident you will be beyond pleased with your new airbrush.

Q. How do I change the speed of my Confection-air airbrush and why do I need multiple speeds?

To change the speed of your Confection-air airbrush, press the on/off button once for low speed and a pink light will illuminate on the button. For medium speed press the on/off button twice and a blue light will illuminate. For high speed press the on/off button three times and a red light will illuminate. To turn your airbrush off, just press the button once more. Although most cake decorators find that medium speed is sufficient for most work, low speed is great for beginners, and high speed enables you to work quickly when misting a large area.

Q. What do I do if my airbrush gets clogged?

A. Airbrushes can get clogged from time to time, especially if colors are left to dry inside of the color cup, or if you are using luster dusts mixed in an alcohol base. Be sure to rinse your color cup after every use. To clean and unclog your airbrush you'll want to "back wash" the airbrush by adding a little warm water to the color cup, pull the pressure trigger, and tap your finger over the airbrush nozzle. If your airbrush still sputters or does not unclog you can use a degreaser inside of the color cup and back wash your airbrush.

Q. I need to take my airbrush apart to clean it, what do I do?

A. If you have tried cleaning your airbrush and took all the steps listed above, but it's still clogging; you may need to take your airbrush apart. When disassembling your airbrush, you must take great care to not bend the needle inside of the airbrush nozzle. We have included a step by step photo in your airbrush package showing how to disassemble and reassemble your airbrush. From our experience, the best and easiest way to do this, is to line up each piece in the order you take the airbrush apart.

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