How to make Birthday cake chocolate bars

How to Make Birthday Cake Chocolate Bars

Jul 19, 2022Ashley Brenenstuhl

Birthday cake chocolate bars are so easy to make and one of my favorite ways to flavor chocolate, plus the rainbow sprinkles add a colorful sweet crunch that leaves you wanting more. 

Let's talk about the ingredients and candy supplies you'll need for this project.

Merckens chocolate melts

It might be tempting to grab a bag of chocolate chips from the grocery store but this type of chocolate needs to be tempered (a special melting process) or it won't release from the mold.
You'll want to use Merckens chocolate melts for this project, they're designed to be melted in the microwave without any special melting process and poured into chocolate molds. They're easy to use and taste delicious. It's the perfect chocolate to use in chocolate molds.

Chocolate bar mold

We used our Thin traditional chocolate bar mold, but we sell so many different chocolate bar molds you can pick from! If you don't want to make chocolate bars, you can also use this recipe with our Easter bunny chocolate molds, plain sandwich cookie mold, or any of our other plastic chocolate molds!

Candy flavoring

Cake batter LorAnn candy flavoring is a favorite of ours but feel free to experiment with any of our other LorAnn candy flavors. We have so many candy flavorings to choose from!


We used our carnival mix rainbow jimmies for this project but feel free to us any of our jimmies.

Candy foil wrappers

We're using a 6x6 gold foil candy wrapper, this size fits this chocolate bar perfectly and there's something about a gold candy foil wrapper that feels so regal and fancy as you peel it off of a chocolate bar. We sell candy foil wrappers in all different colors and sizes, experiment with using your favorite colors!

Paramount crystals
Paramount crystals are flakes of fat that can be added to thin out the consistency of candy melts. We especially recommend adding them when using LorAnn flavors in your chocolate (unless the LorAnn bottle states it's an oil based flavor)