Paramount Crystals

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Paramount Crystals help thin candy coatings when they are too thick and difficult to work with. They're made from the same fat already used in Candy Coatings, so they won't change the way candy coatings taste.

  • Contains 4 ounces of paramount crystals.
  • Thins candy coatings and keeps them fluid.
  • Won't change the texture, flavor, or color of candy coatings.

To use paramount crystals, start by adding one teaspoon to one pound of melted candy coating wafers and stir until they melt into the warm candy coatings.

Store unused paramount crystals in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator to ensure they don't melt if your kitchen area is warm.

Paramount Crystals stay good for at least one year from purchase or longer. Like any oil, if expired, it will have a rancid smell. Storing Paramount Crystals in the refrigerator can extend their shelf life.

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