Cuter Than Cupid Sprinkle Mix

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Make sweet treats decorated with alluring sprinkles that will make everyone fall in love. Our Cuter Than Cupid Sprinkle Mix is a sparkling sugar sprinkle and candy sprinkle blend consisting of Gold Coarse Sugar Crystals, Red Pearlized Sugar Crystals, Pink, Red, and Gold Jimmies, White Sequin Sprinkles, Heart Shaped Sprinkles in Pink and Red and more!

  • Contains 3 ounces of sprinkles.
  • One package covers one to two dozen cupcakes with modest sprinkling.
  • Sealed in a food-safe plastic pouch and heat sealed for freshness.
  • Exclusive Confectionery House Sprinkle Mix.

Pour sprinkle mix into a bowl and stir - shipping can cause sprinkles to settle, and you may not see all of the shapes through the bag.

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