Mardi Gras King Cake Set

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Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday is celebrated every year and the Kings Cake is used to commemorate the Epiphany or the day the kings arrived in Bethlehem to present gifts to baby Jesus on the twelfth night after his birth.The cake is a reenactment of this with a baby figure inserted in the cake to symbolize Jesus.  


Our Mardi Gras Cake Set has all the trinkets you’ll need to decorate your Kings Cake including the baby.  


When the cake is baked cut a slit in the bottom of your cake and insert the baby.  Don’t forget to let your guests know they will be looking for the baby. The person who finds the Baby in their slice of cake is crowned the king or queen of the Mardi Gras parties.


Set includes:  

 3 necklaces (yellow, green and purple)

Baby on crown (1 ¬Ω x 1 ¬Ω inch)

Card with the history of Mardi Gras Cakes

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