Russian Sphere Ball Tip 107

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Russian Sphere Ball Tip 107 makes beautiful ruffles piled high on top of cupcakes quickly.

Pair with Russian flower tips and pipe a flower in the center for a finished look!

This Russian Sphere Ball Tip has ridges that create textured edges on the ruffles.

Once piped onto cupcakes you'll have a hollow center in the middle, this can either be left as is or filled with icing and/or decorations.

How to use Russian sphere ball tips:

Place your Russian sphere ball tip in an 18 inch disposable pastry bag.

You will not be able to use a coupler with Russian Ball tips since they are much larger than your standard piping tips

Hold the tip straight up and down over your cupcake and squeeze letting the frosting come out to the edges of your cupcake, lift up and down while continuing to squeeze.

Twist and pull away to end.

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