Russian Sphere Ball Tip 108

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Russian Sphere Ball Tip 108 creates a beautiful ruffled look on top of cupcakes with just an easy up and down motion. T

he swirled openings on the size of the tip give a waved shape to the ruffles and add to the over all look.

Made from quality stainless steel.

How to use Russian Sphere Ball Tips: Hold your tip directly over your cupcake and squeeze, letting the frosting come out the sides of the tip. Move the tip up and down while squeezing to build the ruffles upward. Twist to release and pull away. An opening will be left in the center of the frosting that you can fill. Use a Russian Flower Piping tip to pipe a flower in the center, or place a sugar decoration over to hide the opening. Make sure your frosting isn't too stiff, you'll want your frosting the same consistency as you would for piping buttercream rosettes!

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