3D Christmas Light Candy Chocolate Pop Mold

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About this chocolate lollipop mold :

  • Makes 3 pops per mold.
  • Size: 1 5/8 inches
  • Made in The USA
  • Clear FDA-approved plastic.
  • Handwash, not dishwasher safe

    What Else You Need:

    4 1/2 inch pop stick
  • Chocolate or Candy Coatings

Nice to Have:

  • 3X4 Cellophane Bag
  • 3x4 Poly Bag
  • Twist Tie or Curling Ribbon


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I make chocolate lollipops?

Chocolate lollipops are an easy treat to make.

Melt candy coatings or temper chocolate.
Spoon it into the mold. You want the candy mold to be dry --don't oil it or coat it with any type of flour or confectioner's sugar.
Place a lollipop stick into the mold and gently turn the stick to coat it with melted chocolate.
Place the filled chocolate mold in the refrigerator.
Check it after 5 minutes. Turn the mold over close to your counter. The chocolates should fall out. Don't pull the pops out by the stick. If the pops don't come out easily, they aren't done. Return the mold to the refigerator.
To make this pop 3D - using some melted chocolate, adhere the christmas light pieces not attached to sticks to the backs of the christmas light pops that are attached to sticks. (The stick will be sandwiched between the two pieces)

Can I use this mold for hard candy?

No. This mold is only safe to about 100 degrees. We sell hard candy molds that handle higher temperatures.

How do I clean the chocolate candy mold?

Warm soap and water, please. This mold is NOT dishwasher safe.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of our products, we can not accept returns on any chocolate mold. (This is because people could use the molds and return them. You can be assured that any mold you order from the Confectionery House is new and has NEVER been used.)




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