Mini Ice Cream Cones

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Mini Ice Cream Cones

Mini ice cream cones with a cup shaped top and a flat bottom to help them stand upright. Make ice cream cone cake pops, miniature ice cream cone cupcakes, and so much more! Also great for samples and other baking crafts.

Each package contains 45 mini ice cream cones (please order extra as breakage may occur during shipping).

These miniature cones measure 1 3/4 inch

Made with no artificial ingredients.

Wrapped in machine sealed film.


ICE CREAM CONES ARE INHERENTLY FRAGILE. Despite our best efforts, breakage during shipping can occur. We do our best to wrap and package fragile items for transport, but we cannot be responsible for ANY breakage that may occur. Please order extra to ensure you have enough mini ice cream cones for your project. We are unable to offer refunds or replacements.

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