Stack Reindeer Candy Mold

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Making stack reindeer is a fun chocolate project for children and adults! Make all of your chocolate pieces using the stack reindeer candy mold and your favorite candy coatings, then glue them all together using melted candy coatings as "glue". Chocolate stack reindeer make great gifts!

Assembled stack reindeer measurements-

Length- approximately 2 inches from head to tail, this will vary depending on how many center circle segments you make, you can make your chocolate reindeer longer by adding more. We made/used 3 center circle pieces for each reindeer.

The body is approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.

Height from top of antlers to feet is approximately 4 inches high.

10 cavities per mold, includes all the pieces to make a chocolate stack reindeer. There are two circle cavities to make the body of the reindeer, we recommend making at least three circle pieces to make the reindeer's body length proportional.

This mold makes approximately 8 reindeer per pound of chocolate.

The cavities of this mold are not thick enough for making truffles or filling with cream candy centers.

Suitable for chocolate, soap making, plaster and concrete crafting.


Do not use for hard candy or other high temperature ingredients.

Quality plastic mold, FDA approved, Made in the USA

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