Assorted Building Blocks Chocolate Mold

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Assorted Building Blocks Candy Mold


  • Measurements (approximate)-

Largest rectangular pieces: Length -2 inches X Width- 1 inches X Depth- 1/8 inch

Thin/long rectangle pieces:- Length- 2 inches X Width  inch X Depth- 1/8 inch

Short/thin rectangle pieces: Length- 1 inches X Width  inch X Depth 1/8 inch

Large square pieces: Length- 1 inch X Depth- 1/8 inch

Small square pieces: Length- inch X Depth 1/8 inch

  •  21 cavities per mold in assorted sizes
  •  It will take approximately 4.5 ounces of chocolate to fill all of the cavities on this mold
  • This candy mold is not recommended for making¬†filled chocolates¬†with soft or firm candy centers as it isn't deep enough.
  • Chocolate molds are not just for chocolate! Use for making gummy candies, soap making, plaster, and concrete crafting.
  • Chocolate molds will not withstand temperatures over 170 degrees. Not to be used with high temperature ingredients such as hot sugar or isomalt.
  • Hobby grade plastic mold, FDA approved.

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