12 Section Professional Chocolate Bar Mold Commercial Grade

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12 Section Professional Chocolate Bar Mold Commercial Grade

4 cavity commercial grade candy bar mold.

Break Apart candy bar when finished weighs approximately 1.8 ounces and measures 5.40 x 2.20 x 0.25 in. deep.

Made from heavy gauge, highly durable polycarbonate plastic for excellent detail and shine.

Commercial grade molds do have a slight amount of give and flexibility. They are thicker in plastic thickness and have less flexibility than hobby grade molds but they are thinner in plastic thickness than our European chocolate molds.


Q.) What is the difference between hobby grade, commercial grade, and European molds?

A.) Hobby grade molds are made using an FDA approved food grade plastic with an approximate plastic thickness of .03mm (although this thickness can vary between manufactures) they typically have a moderate amount of give and flexibility/bend. The process for making these molds is called vacuum forming or thermoforming. This process produces molds with a lovely amount of detail. Hobby grade chocolate molds are affordable, easy to use, and if cared for they will last for years. Professionals and hobbyists alike love the variety and function of these molds.

Commercial grade molds are made from FDA approved food grade polycarbonate plastic, the thickness of this plastic can vary but it is typically .060 or .080 in plastic thickness. These molds are thicker and sturdier then our hobby grade molds. They also have a greater amount of detail due to the special tooling that is used to make these molds. The plastic does have a little give and flexibility/bend but it's generally more ridged than hobby grade molds. Commercial grade molds are stronger and more durable for repetitive use.

European chocolate molds are imported from Belgium and are made from FDA approved food grade ridged polycarbonate plastic in its thickest form. These molds have no give or flexibility/bend to the plastic. The detail and shine you achieve from European chocolate molds is unlike any other. These molds are made using a special process called injection molding and are laser cut for brilliance. European molds are the highest quality chocolate mold used by both professionals and hobbyists to achieve flawless molded chocolates with the highest amount of detail and shine. They will withstand heavy use, lasting for years to come.

Q) Where are your commercial grade molds manufactured?

A.) All of our chocolate molds, with the exception of our European chocolate molds are manufactured right here in the U.S.A!

*Within the Continental U.S.