3D High Heel Shoe Chocolate Mold Part A

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3D High Heel Shoe Chocolate Mold Part A

3D High Heel Shoe Candy Mold Part A is one half to a two part mold.

Don't forget to order Part B if you plan to make a 3D stand up chocolate shoe.

This mold will use approximately 10 ounces of chocolate to make hollow, and double this amount to make it solid

Close to the size of an actual small sized high heel shoe.

Chocolate shoe measures approximately 6 inches from heel to top of shoe, and 7 inches from heel to toe.

This is a chocolate mold it is made of FDA approved food safe plastic that is safe to around 170 degrees, it will not withstand high heat and is not dishwasher safe.

Hand wash your 3D high heel shoe candy mold and dry well with a paper towel to avoid water spots.

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