4 1/4 inch Panoramic Egg Candy Mold

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Make a beautiful 3 dimensional panoramic egg with a darling Easter scene using this panoramic egg chocolate candy mold.

Complete with assorted pieces to make and decorate the inside.

For that professional touch use our egg box to package!

Finished egg will measure 3-inch by 4-1/4-inch by 2-3/4-inch

This is a chocolate mold, will not withstand high heat and is not dishwasher safe. For general care: wash and rinse in warm not hot water.

FDA approved food safe plastic

Made in the USA

How to make a panoramic chocolate egg using this mold-

Cut along score marks carefully with a razor, box cutter, or craft knife. You will need to also cut off the extra decorative pieces into two strips and set aside to use later.

Melt chocolate candy coatings and heavily brush into the mold. You will need a thick layer so it will not break when you remove from the mold.

Meanwhile, make your decorations filling the mini decoration molds with chocolate candy coatings.

Let harden and release from mold carefully.

Using melted chocolate "glue" your decorations to the inside of the half of egg with a flat bottom. Let your decorations set up so they are sturdy and stuck down.

Using a small amount of melted chocolate candy coatings "glue" the empty half of your egg over the half you decorated.

Decorate the outside of your egg with colored or chocolate candy coatings and let set to harden.

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