Merckens Yucatan Semi Sweet Chocolate - Tempering Chocolate

SKU: CA00045040 ISBN: CA00045040

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Merkens Yucatan dark chocolate is a delicious tempering chocolate that's great for making truffles, adding to baking recipes, or it can be tempered and molded with candy molds, or used for dipping.

  • Contains 1 LB of Merckens Yucatan wafers.
  • Tempering chocolate- must be tempered with a tempering thermometer if being used in chocolate molds or for dipping.
  • Real chocolate containing cocoa butter.
  • Can be used for making truffle centers, ganache, used in baking recipes, or tempered and used in chocolate molds or for dipping.

Please note: Merckens chocolate may arrive melted when shipping during warmer months, the chocolate is still usable. Just let the chocolate cool until firm and melt as desired.

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