Crispy Rice Cereal Bar Chocolate Mold

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Make elegant crispy rice cereal bars covered in delicious chocolate with a perfectly smooth finish using our crispy rice cereal bar mold!

  • Each chocolate bar measures 3 inches long 2 5/16 wide x 1 1/8 inches deep
  • There are 4 cavities on this mold.
  • If filling this mold with only chocolate (no crispy rice treats) you would get 4 solid chocolate bars with 1 pound of chocolate.
  • This mold can be used to make filled chocolate bars using your favorite candy fillings.
  • You can also use this mold for soap making, plaster and concrete crafting.
  • FDA approved food safe plastic mold, made in the USA.

Do not use for hard candy, isomalt or other hot ingredients.

How to use this Crispy Rice Cereal Bar Candy Mold

Make a batch of your favorite crispy rice cereal treats and cut them just slightly smaller then the mold. Make sure you don't make your treats too thick or they will stick out of the mold.

Melt your candy coatings or chocolate using your preferred method.

Fill the mold 1/4 of the way with your melted chocolate or candy coatings.

Press your crispy rice cereal treat bar into the melted chocolate so the chocolate comes up around it.

Cap off the top with melted chocolate. Place mold into the refrigerator until hardened (approximately 5-10 minutes).

Gently flip mold over to release.

*Within the Continental U.S.