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Bride and Groom Flexible Mold

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SKU: FM00020161 ISBN: 023535055161

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Make fancy candies & crafts with flexible molds

Fondants, Jellies, Caramels, Sugar, Fudge, Cream Cheese Centers, Chocolate, Candy Centers, Penuche, Chocolate Coating, Marzipan, Hors d'oeuvres, Molded Butter, Cookie Dough, Rolled Fondant, Soap & Wax

Cavity Size: 1‚Öû" x 1‚Öú" x ‚Öú"

2 cavities per mold, 1 design

Mold Size: 3‚Öú" x 4"

Cream Cheese Mints recipe included along with several others


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